oldcar4Have you ever been curious to know what exactly is done with your old car after you’ve sold it to the friendly neighbourhood A1 Car Removal company?

This article tells you about all the ways in which your junk car is profitably used by any car disposal service. The approaches vary with relation to the specialty of the company, and of course, the condition of the car itself.

If the car is in a working condition, or can be repaired to get back in running condition, the A1 Car Removals company may choose to resell it as a used car. You’ll find many car dealerships in Melbourne which sell used or second-hand cars for cheap prices. They don’t just drop from thin air. Junkyards, scrap facilities and towing agencies provide these cars to dealerships or sell them on their own.

oldcar3But what if the car cannot be repaired at all? Sometimes, the car is in such a dire state that the cost of repairing would turn out to be more than the price at which the company resells it. Not a profitable venture at all. In such cases, the car is stripped down and the spare parts are sold individually. Performance parts, car seats, tyres etc. can fetch a decent price. Otherwise, the car can definitely provide metal for recycling. So one way or the other, your used car definitely has worth. That’s the reason why these car wreckers are willing to pay you in the first place.

Now that you know how your car is being used, you can go into the negotiation table as a better-informed car owner. Don’t be shy of quoting higher prices for your vehicle. As you can see, there’s a lot of worth in it still.

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