oldcar8If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a old car sitting in your garage, just waiting to be disposed of. Most people who don’t know any better try to go the easy way by giving the car away to junkyards and scrap facilities. Sometimes, they even get some cash for it. What they don’t realize is that they are selling their car short.

The thing about cars is that they always have something which can be salvaged. Spare parts, metal, engine and even a repair to enable the car to run again. Junkyards are not charity organizations. They intend to make money out of your car. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing the same as well.
The first thing you need to figure out is the market value of your car. The best way to do so would be to speak to A1 Car Removals professional in Melbourne, who specializes in dealing with used cars. The car dealer may even express interest in your own vehicle. Make sure you have multiple opinions to ascertain the best rate for your junk car.

Sometimes, the condition of your car may be so bad that you might not find any car dealers interested in it. But don’t despair, you can still make money out of it. In this case, your best option is to contact A1 Car Removal companies and compare the deals they offer. Be completely honest with them, especially when it comes to factors like mileage, damage, accidents etc. Also give the information on year, make and model of your old vehicle. This will help them to prepare a reasonable quote for your car.

A special tip here: Let’s say you have a Ford car which is currently in running condition. You wish to sell it. If you contact the A1 Car Removals agency, you’ll probably get a decent price for it, but there’s something else you can do to get the top dollar. A1 Car Removals are on the lookout for specific make and models of cars. For instance, a company in Waverly might be hunting for Ford models. They will pay better than the others for your car. That is why you should always do your research on all the companies around and try to find one that suits you (and your car) best.

But let’s move to another paradigm. Let’s say your car isn’t in running condition. In fact, its condition is so dismal that you’ve probably just given up on it. But you should know that old car disposal companies are also looking for spare parts. Spare parts belonging to your car are very valuable to them. Negotiate with various companies and find out which spare parts they want and how much are they willing to pay for them. Again, compare with other agencies to find out the best going rates. After this negotiation, you will have a clear idea of the amount you stand to gain by getting your junk car removed.

Note: You do not need to pay to have your car towed away. Most companies will not ask you to pay, but there’s always a chance of a fraudulent company cutting some cash off your paycheck by charging you for towing your junk car. It’s is universally known that car removal agencies are supposed to offer towing services for free. So keep that in mind while you’re negotiating. Better yet, have your company include this term in the contract, just to be sure.

oldcar7Also make sure you discuss other necessary details with the A1 Car Removals company. For instance, the tyres of the car are quite valuable. If you’re selling spare parts to the junkyard, make sure you’re getting paid for the tyres as well. Spare tyres can be sold at sale prices. The same holds true for tool kits and radio and sound systems. Everything you have installed in your car has a value and the company you’re selling it to won’t be in a hurry to tell you this. So be smart and get the best out of the deal.

This is one of the sound strategies when it comes to getting rid of your junk vehicle. Take heart from the fact that you are now better informed about the process of selling your old car for cash. So pick up the phone and call A1 Car Removals company. Get your game face on for the deal ahead. Good luck!

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