oldcar17Okay, so you’ve dialed the A1 Car Removals in Melbourne. You fixed a good quote and are now eagerly waiting for the tow truck to show up at your doorstep and give you a fat paycheck. But before you sit on your couch, let’s ask you a few questions.

Have you prepared your old car for removal?

Do you have all the necessary papers?

Is your car positioned in a way so that it can be conveniently towed away?

What have you done with the number plates?

In brief, we’ll give you the answers to all these questions.

Preparing your car for removal is one of the most important things you need to do. It will make for a smooth transaction process and you won’t be inconveniencing anyone else either.

Having the Right Papers

Victorian Law requires you to prove ownership over your car. Your Drivers License is proof of this fact. You will need to show this to your company when it comes to remove your vehicle. All the requisite car ownership papers must be in order.

Positioning Your Car Correctly

Make sure there is plenty of space for the tow truck to come and take away your junk car. If you’re living in a major suburb Werribee, Coburg or Tullarmarine, you might find other vehicles being in the way. Make sure you have your neighbours move their cars so that the tow truck can do its job.

Return Those Number Plates

oldcar18VicRoads is the governing automobile registration organization in Melbourne. If you return these number plates to VicRoads, you might receive a refund from them. Also make sure you haven’t left any personal belongings inside.

Selling your junk car for cash has a certain responsibility attached to it. You need to prepare your car for the transfer. Doing this will ensure a beneficial result for all parties concerned.

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