oldcar1You’ve probably been wondering what to do with the fossilized junk car sitting in your garage at the moment. The answer to that is simple: contact the A1 Car Removal company in Melbourne to come and take away your junk vehicle for you. If you already know about car removers operating in Melbourne or wherever it is that you happen to reside, great, that’s the first step right there. But you might be hesitant due to all the scams and fraudulent practices in the industry. Well, first off, the car disposal industry has about as many shady practices as any regular field. But, just so you’re better informed and more cautious, here’s our list of ‘Fact’ and ‘Fiction’ in the world of vehicle removal.

Fiction: Old cars can be allowed to rot away in the garage. After all, they’re harmless!
Fact: Well, first of all, if you consider having a huge, ugly wreck of a car cramming up your garage as harmless, then sure. But even then, a used car gathering rust is dangerous to anyone who ventures close to it. Firstly, there’s the matter of rusted metal. Definitely not a friend to the environment. Also, all those sharp edges near windows and lights could cause serious harm, especially to children playing around it. Finally, your junk automobile still has plenty of harmful, toxic liquids inside it; liquids such as antifreeze, gasoline and oil. So be safe, and remove that harmful vehicle from your garage before it is too late.

Fiction: If your used car is unable to run, car wreckers won’t be interested in it.
Fact: Absolutely untrue. Most of the car hauling agencies, like A1 Car Removals, will take any vehicle, regardless of its condition. Even without wheels, broken axles and wrecked frames, these towing companies use flatbeds to get the car on the truck. They have plenty of uses from the car, you see. From spare metal to spare parts, seats, wheels etc. there’s a lot your car can do for them. That is the reason why they readily pay you cash for your old car on the spot.

Fiction: You’ll have to pay for the removal.
Fact: This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, A1 Car Removals is supposed to be paying you to take your old car away. Even the most damaged cars have a value. You don’t have to spend any money to have your car taken away. On the contrary, you must ask for a good price to sell your used car. Most companies offer free car removal, along with a cash payout on the spot. Do some online research to get good quotes. A1 Car Removal service providers usually give you an instant quote on your car’s value after you give them all the necessary information. So your pockets get heavier, not theirs.

Now that you can separate fact from fiction, you are well on your way towards becoming a better-informed junk car owner. So go out there and start doing your homework on free car disposal agencies and find the best deal for yourself.

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