We understand that some people might not know all that much about car removal services, which is why we have dedicated this page to answer the most important questions. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 308 443.

I live far out from Melbourne, would you be able to pick up my car?
We should can! We collect and remove cars from around Melbourne and Greater Melbourne. Check out our ‘Service Areas’ page for the suburbs that we collect from. Yours is probably there.

I would like my car removed as soon as possible. Can that happen?
Yes that can happen. With a fleet of trucks and on-day pick-up service, we can be at your home when you want. It’s as easy as organising a time.

What do you do with the car once you pick it up?
Two things: we keep the car and use it to sell off parts that might be of some use to people. The second thing is that we recycle the scrap metal to keep the environment safe, because we believe in keeping Australia clean.

Do you only give cash for cars?
Yes that’s right. We only provide you with cash.

How much cash do you give for the cars?
That depends on the model, make, year and condition of your car. We can provide you with an estimate over the phone or through email.

Do we need any identification?
We require valid driver’s licence of the person selling the car. This is just to ensure that the car is yours and everything is legitimate.

How do you go about picking up the car?
You call us and we will be there. For a more detailed explanation, click on the “Our Process” page to see how we do things.

Do you only pick up cars?
No, we also pick up utes, trucks, vans and 4WDs. If it has four wheels, and you don’t want it anymore then we’ll take it!

What about unregistered cars?
Yes, we also take unregistered cars. No stress about it!