oldcar11Hit search on the keywords ‘junk car removal’ and you’re likely to see loads of articles talking about what old car removal means, how it should be done and how to make money out of the process. But what these people aren’t telling you are the mistakes that you can make along the way.

On paper, the approach seems simple and painless. Decide to do something about the old car taking space on your driveway. Call a car dealer or a junkyard to negotiate sale. Or, call A1 Car Removal in Melbourne (assuming you’re from there, of course!). Compare deals if you have the time and inclination (highly recommended, this step). Wait for the towing truck to arrive and take your vehicle off your hands. End of story.

Yes, it sounds very simple and you might wonder why there are so many articles devoted to such a painfully obvious concept. The truth is that people hardly ever go about selling their old cars for cash in the right manner. Mistakes are made, hasty steps are taken, or there’s the usual case of ill-preparedness. Whatever be the case, we have managed to compile a list of some mistakes that you should avoid while you’re looking for old car removal services in Parkville, Carlton or Docklands.

Acting too Late

oldcar12Look, your car is a specific make and model, with a certain year of manufacture. Yes, that’s a no-brainer, we know. But the point is, the older your car gets, the lesser its value. Let’s say you have 1992 model Nissan in your garage, which you no longer use. Acting in 2010 will fetch you more money than acting in 2013. So, if there is a junk car cramping up your property, muster some energy and get rid off it sooner rather than later. You will congratulate yourself on getting a great deal for your used vehicle. Trust us, acting too late is something you don’t want to do, unless you don’t care how much money you get out of the car. In which case, be our guest.

Not Comparing Deals

What kind of a shopper are you? The kind who just picks and chooses the first product he/she comes across or the kind who likes to know other products available in the same category before coming to an ‘informed’ decision? If you’re the latter, you know how important it is to compare offers before going with one. If you’re in the former category, better wise up now or you will be going through the rest of your life with products and services which may be inferior in nature, thanks to your lack of research. Apologies for coming down on you like a ton of bricks, but it is absolutely imperative to know what’s out there before rushing to sign the contract.

The same goes for letting an agency buy your car for cash. Make sure you speak to different company representatives and asking them how much they are offering before picking the best deals. Research is king, and you will find that it has major advantages. For instance, if you look around long enough, you might find a car wrecker, like the A1 Car Removals in Melbourne, who is willing to pay extra cash for your car’s model. Many car removal services ask for a certain make and model. So be patient and browse through different agencies before taking a call.

Not being honest

This is not really a mistake. It’s just a matter of a little thing known as ‘integrity’. In your conversation with a representative of the A1 Car Removals, he will ask you questions about your car. From make, model, year, damage taken, accidents etc. he will want to know everything there is to know about your used car in order to prepare a suitable quote. It is recommended that you be honest with every detail. In any case, officials from the towing company will be checking your car thoroughly. If they find something about the car which you haven’t mentioned, it can be quite an embarrassing situation indeed.

Not preparing for their arrival

Look, just because it’s your car and the A1 Car Removal company is coming to buy it from you doesn’t mean you sit comfortably in the couch. You need to prepare the car for a convenient transfer process. The car’s title and other ownership papers need to be ready. The car itself must be positioned in a way to make for smooth towing by the truck. Any belongings must be removed from the car.

If you keep these common errors in mind, there’s no reason why you can’t have a successful, profitable and hassle-free junk vehicle removal.

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