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Why Research Before Selling Your Old Car

oldcar16When it comes to old car removal, you want to make it as quick and painless as possible. Yes, we get it, you consider it a burden and would like to get it over with as soon as humanly possible. But there’s a reason for you to plan ahead and move along in a shrewd manner. This is because there are several car wreckers in Melbourne, and some are better than others. If you don’t do your research properly, you might wind up with a sub-standard company that gives you a non-profitable deal for your car.

A1 Car Removals company is willing to pay top dollar for your car. It may be able to repair and sell it off as a second-hand car, which means more money in your pocket. Other car wrecking company may consider your vehicle utterly useless and only good for scrap metal. Result: if you have chosen other car towing agency due to lack of research, you may end up getting no cash for your used car. Had you done your homework, you would’ve eventually found A1 Car Removals in Melbourne and made a profitable deal with them.

oldcar15Research is essential, especially if you are a first-time used car seller. You should call different automotive disposal agencies and get to know their quotes. Some companies are interested in a certain make and model of a car. If you manage to find an agency which specializes in your particular car model, you will be receiving extra cash from their end.

Research takes lesser time than you would think. Most companies in the various suburbs of Melbourne such as Hawthorn, Waverly and St. Kilda are experts at their job and will be able to give you an instant quote over the phone, simply on the verbal description you provide. Honestly, you will be much better off with the best offer in the market if you devote a few hours to research.

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Learn What A1 Car Removals Do With Your Junk Car

oldcar4Have you ever been curious to know what exactly is done with your old car after you’ve sold it to the friendly neighbourhood A1 Car Removal company?

This article tells you about all the ways in which your junk car is profitably used by any car disposal service. The approaches vary with relation to the specialty of the company, and of course, the condition of the car itself.

If the car is in a working condition, or can be repaired to get back in running condition, the A1 Car Removals company may choose to resell it as a used car. You’ll find many car dealerships in Melbourne which sell used or second-hand cars for cheap prices. They don’t just drop from thin air. Junkyards, scrap facilities and towing agencies provide these cars to dealerships or sell them on their own.

oldcar3But what if the car cannot be repaired at all? Sometimes, the car is in such a dire state that the cost of repairing would turn out to be more than the price at which the company resells it. Not a profitable venture at all. In such cases, the car is stripped down and the spare parts are sold individually. Performance parts, car seats, tyres etc. can fetch a decent price. Otherwise, the car can definitely provide metal for recycling. So one way or the other, your used car definitely has worth. That’s the reason why these car wreckers are willing to pay you in the first place.

Now that you know how your car is being used, you can go into the negotiation table as a better-informed car owner. Don’t be shy of quoting higher prices for your vehicle. As you can see, there’s a lot of worth in it still.

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Things To Know In Selling Old Car For Cash To A1 Car Removals

oldcar20So you’ve finally decided to do something about that piece of junk car rotting away in your garage. Congratulations, you’ve cleared step 1. Deciding to do something and get rid of your old car is the most important step in this process. The rest can be a cakewalk, if you do it right.

This article will discuss some of the tips you need to follow through on in order to conveniently bid adieu to your old vehicle. As you might be knowing already, the city of Melbourne has some reputed free car removal companies on hand to help you out. It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is to find a junk vehicle remover of your choice, get an instant quote, and sit tight while they bring in their truck. But there has to be some preparation from your end as well.

What kind of preparation?


First things first, you need all the proper papers for your automobile. Just because your car is old doesn’t mean it can’t be useful. A1 Car Removal agency needs the authentic verification papers to make for a hassle-free transfer process. Since you’re selling your car for cash, it is doubly important that you have all the necessary papers on hand.

Pre-Removal Prep

Yes, the A1 Car Removers will be getting a truck to tow away your junk car and yes, you will be sitting pretty through the whole process, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. Every old car removal company stresses on the importance of the right positioning of the car to make for a convenient removal procedure. Position your car along the driveway or on the street – basically, anywhere so that the truck can easily reach and attach its cables to the car. If your car isn’t in a running condition, make sure you have a plan in mind as to the removal of your junk vehicle.

Clean Up Your Car

oldcar19By this we mean looking inside your old car for anything valuable or useful, or a souvenir of some kind which you might have left aside. A1 Junk Car Removal company¬† advises a thorough search of the car before handover, to ensure that there isn’t anything left lying around which may be needed later. They don’t take responsibility for any loss of items after the car has been towed away. So make sure you do a clean check. And while you’re at it, might as well give your car a washing!

These are some of the basic, no-nonsense tips we can give you when it comes to selling your car for cash. Location is important, so whether you’re in Cheltenham, Frankston or Port Philip, find a good car wrecker in Melbourne which will take care of your problem for you. Along with extra cash in your pocket.

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Tips In Searching For Car Removers In Melbourne


One of the things that tend to drive me crazy is the fact that there are still people around this world who think that once their car is past its prime, it has hit the bucket. Well, in terms of running condition, perhaps it has. But that does not mean that you can’t get any returns out of your precious one-time investment.

Junking your car is one of the best ways to get rid of the vehicle and get paid with virtually no effort on your part. A1 Car Removal company, which services suburbs like Burwood to Balwyn and Mitcham, specializes in old cars. The metal from your vehicle can be recycled in scrap facilities and junkyards to be available for use once more. And if your car can still be repaired and reused, it may become a second-hand car for sale. Finally, your car may still have body and performance parts which can be stitched up and used in other automobiles.

So you see, there are various uses for your junk car. Now, let’s look at some of the factors which A1 Car Wrecker in Melbourne should be bringing to the table.

First, you need to decide whether to go with a national free car removal agency or a local one. There are pros and cons on both sides, so it really comes down to what exactly you’re looking for. National companies are willing to do the job quicker and accept all models. Local agencies may be on the lookout for specific models of cars, and if yours happens to be one of them, they will pay top dollar for it. So do some reconnaissance and find out which company suits your needs best.

Secondly, you should know that there are several vehicle removing services with fraudulent practices. Some may not pay the agreed amount, others may change their mind after agreeing to buy your car. You need to look for reviews on these companies. They’re easily available on the web. Look at what the customers are saying about these companies. If the overwhelming vote is positive, you know that it is a reputed service provider which won’t let you down. Also ensure the authenticity of the website itself. It’s good to be a little paranoid about these kind of things – keeps you from being taken for a ride.

Once you’ve found a bunch of reputed agencies, sit down and compare their deals. Some companies may offer more lucrative deals than others, so you need to make sure you have the best contract which works in your favour. Always read the contract carefully and look for terms in fine print to make sure you’re not being misled.

oldcar5While discussing the quote with the company, be as honest about your vehicle as possible. For instance, if you’re planning to sell a working car to a company, and the car has a faulty brake system, make sure you tell the company about it. Yes, you might get lesser money for it, but with your integrity intact. This isn’t about benefitting yourself. But once the car wrecker finds out that you have sold the a faulty vehicle, there will be bad blood. What goes around comes around, keep that in mind.

Finally and most importantly, have your paperwork ready. Once the A1 Old Car Removals service has agreed to come pick your vehicle up, you have to ensure that all the necessary paperwork for your old car is in order. This is a very important matter, since it is associated with tax.

Now that you have a clear idea of what to look for while hunting for automobile removers, you can start applying your knowledge out there. Pick up the phone or start searching on the internet. Find out which kind of agency you want to sell your old car to, and don’t just stick to one. Shopping around to look at the competition will definitely help you in making the most out of selling your junk vehicle. You’ll pat yourself in the back when you bid adieu to your faithful friend while counting the fat wad of cash in your hands.

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How To Get More Money From Selling Your Junk Car

oldcar8If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a old car sitting in your garage, just waiting to be disposed of. Most people who don’t know any better try to go the easy way by giving the car away to junkyards and scrap facilities. Sometimes, they even get some cash for it. What they don’t realize is that they are selling their car short.

The thing about cars is that they always have something which can be salvaged. Spare parts, metal, engine and even a repair to enable the car to run again. Junkyards are not charity organizations. They intend to make money out of your car. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing the same as well.
The first thing you need to figure out is the market value of your car. The best way to do so would be to speak to A1 Car Removals professional in Melbourne, who specializes in dealing with used cars. The car dealer may even express interest in your own vehicle. Make sure you have multiple opinions to ascertain the best rate for your junk car.

Sometimes, the condition of your car may be so bad that you might not find any car dealers interested in it. But don’t despair, you can still make money out of it. In this case, your best option is to contact A1 Car Removal companies and compare the deals they offer. Be completely honest with them, especially when it comes to factors like mileage, damage, accidents etc. Also give the information on year, make and model of your old vehicle. This will help them to prepare a reasonable quote for your car.

A special tip here: Let’s say you have a Ford car which is currently in running condition. You wish to sell it. If you contact the A1 Car Removals agency, you’ll probably get a decent price for it, but there’s something else you can do to get the top dollar. A1 Car Removals are on the lookout for specific make and models of cars. For instance, a company in Waverly might be hunting for Ford models. They will pay better than the others for your car. That is why you should always do your research on all the companies around and try to find one that suits you (and your car) best.

But let’s move to another paradigm. Let’s say your car isn’t in running condition. In fact, its condition is so dismal that you’ve probably just given up on it. But you should know that old car disposal companies are also looking for spare parts. Spare parts belonging to your car are very valuable to them. Negotiate with various companies and find out which spare parts they want and how much are they willing to pay for them. Again, compare with other agencies to find out the best going rates. After this negotiation, you will have a clear idea of the amount you stand to gain by getting your junk car removed.

Note: You do not need to pay to have your car towed away. Most companies will not ask you to pay, but there’s always a chance of a fraudulent company cutting some cash off your paycheck by charging you for towing your junk car. It’s is universally known that car removal agencies are supposed to offer towing services for free. So keep that in mind while you’re negotiating. Better yet, have your company include this term in the contract, just to be sure.

oldcar7Also make sure you discuss other necessary details with the A1 Car Removals company. For instance, the tyres of the car are quite valuable. If you’re selling spare parts to the junkyard, make sure you’re getting paid for the tyres as well. Spare tyres can be sold at sale prices. The same holds true for tool kits and radio and sound systems. Everything you have installed in your car has a value and the company you’re selling it to won’t be in a hurry to tell you this. So be smart and get the best out of the deal.

This is one of the sound strategies when it comes to getting rid of your junk vehicle. Take heart from the fact that you are now better informed about the process of selling your old car for cash. So pick up the phone and call A1 Car Removals company. Get your game face on for the deal ahead. Good luck!

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Having Your Old Car Removed Was Never This Simple

oldcar14Ever since the invention of the good ole’ wheel, mankind has made astonishing advancements in the way we commute. Cars have ruled transportation for a century now. They have been – and still remain – highly-valued assets in a person’s life. Earlier however, once a car passed its usefulness as a means of transport, the general idea was to simply let it be, or torch it. Now however, people have become more pragmatic about the worth of their car, even if it isn’t in running condition.

This brings us to the concept of car removal. Old cars, which are generally considered as junk, can bring a good amount of cash into your pocket if you know what to do with them. A1 Car Removals operate in the various districts and suburbs of Melbourne, specializing in removing junk cars and paying reasonable amounts of cash to their owners.

Now, when we talk about A1 Car Removals companies that pay cash for your junk vehicle, we’re not talking about a regular tow truck agency or a junk removal service. We’re talking specialized companies that deal in buying old, used cars whose owners want to get rid of them. Always go for the specialists, people. They manage things in a hassle-free manner and pay top dollar for the trouble.

oldcar13In fact, if your car is in a solid working condition, you can get really good prices for it. That should set you well on your way to buying that BMW you’d always wanted. On the other hand, even if your car is in a dismal condition, calling the A1 Car Removals to your place and getting that junk out of the garage and being paid on the spot seems like a convenient proposition, no?

So if your car needs to be removed, you know what to do.

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Guide On Preparing For The Arrival Of A1 Car Removals

oldcar17Okay, so you’ve dialed the A1 Car Removals in Melbourne. You fixed a good quote and are now eagerly waiting for the tow truck to show up at your doorstep and give you a fat paycheck. But before you sit on your couch, let’s ask you a few questions.

Have you prepared your old car for removal?

Do you have all the necessary papers?

Is your car positioned in a way so that it can be conveniently towed away?

What have you done with the number plates?

In brief, we’ll give you the answers to all these questions.

Preparing your car for removal is one of the most important things you need to do. It will make for a smooth transaction process and you won’t be inconveniencing anyone else either.

Having the Right Papers

Victorian Law requires you to prove ownership over your car. Your Drivers License is proof of this fact. You will need to show this to your company when it comes to remove your vehicle. All the requisite car ownership papers must be in order.

Positioning Your Car Correctly

Make sure there is plenty of space for the tow truck to come and take away your junk car. If you’re living in a major suburb Werribee, Coburg or Tullarmarine, you might find other vehicles being in the way. Make sure you have your neighbours move their cars so that the tow truck can do its job.

Return Those Number Plates

oldcar18VicRoads is the governing automobile registration organization in Melbourne. If you return these number plates to VicRoads, you might receive a refund from them. Also make sure you haven’t left any personal belongings inside.

Selling your junk car for cash has a certain responsibility attached to it. You need to prepare your car for the transfer. Doing this will ensure a beneficial result for all parties concerned.

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Fact and Fiction of Junk Car Removal

by CC

oldcar1You’ve probably been wondering what to do with the fossilized junk car sitting in your garage at the moment. The answer to that is simple: contact the A1 Car Removal company in Melbourne to come and take away your junk vehicle for you. If you already know about car removers operating in Melbourne or wherever it is that you happen to reside, great, that’s the first step right there. But you might be hesitant due to all the scams and fraudulent practices in the industry. Well, first off, the car disposal industry has about as many shady practices as any regular field. But, just so you’re better informed and more cautious, here’s our list of ‘Fact’ and ‘Fiction’ in the world of vehicle removal.

Fiction: Old cars can be allowed to rot away in the garage. After all, they’re harmless!
Fact: Well, first of all, if you consider having a huge, ugly wreck of a car cramming up your garage as harmless, then sure. But even then, a used car gathering rust is dangerous to anyone who ventures close to it. Firstly, there’s the matter of rusted metal. Definitely not a friend to the environment. Also, all those sharp edges near windows and lights could cause serious harm, especially to children playing around it. Finally, your junk automobile still has plenty of harmful, toxic liquids inside it; liquids such as antifreeze, gasoline and oil. So be safe, and remove that harmful vehicle from your garage before it is too late.

Fiction: If your used car is unable to run, car wreckers won’t be interested in it.
Fact: Absolutely untrue. Most of the car hauling agencies, like A1 Car Removals, will take any vehicle, regardless of its condition. Even without wheels, broken axles and wrecked frames, these towing companies use flatbeds to get the car on the truck. They have plenty of uses from the car, you see. From spare metal to spare parts, seats, wheels etc. there’s a lot your car can do for them. That is the reason why they readily pay you cash for your old car on the spot.

Fiction: You’ll have to pay for the removal.
Fact: This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, A1 Car Removals is supposed to be paying you to take your old car away. Even the most damaged cars have a value. You don’t have to spend any money to have your car taken away. On the contrary, you must ask for a good price to sell your used car. Most companies offer free car removal, along with a cash payout on the spot. Do some online research to get good quotes. A1 Car Removal service providers usually give you an instant quote on your car’s value after you give them all the necessary information. So your pockets get heavier, not theirs.

Now that you can separate fact from fiction, you are well on your way towards becoming a better-informed junk car owner. So go out there and start doing your homework on free car disposal agencies and find the best deal for yourself.

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Common Mistakes Encountered in Old Car Removal

oldcar11Hit search on the keywords ‘junk car removal’ and you’re likely to see loads of articles talking about what old car removal means, how it should be done and how to make money out of the process. But what these people aren’t telling you are the mistakes that you can make along the way.

On paper, the approach seems simple and painless. Decide to do something about the old car taking space on your driveway. Call a car dealer or a junkyard to negotiate sale. Or, call A1 Car Removal in Melbourne (assuming you’re from there, of course!). Compare deals if you have the time and inclination (highly recommended, this step). Wait for the towing truck to arrive and take your vehicle off your hands. End of story.

Yes, it sounds very simple and you might wonder why there are so many articles devoted to such a painfully obvious concept. The truth is that people hardly ever go about selling their old cars for cash in the right manner. Mistakes are made, hasty steps are taken, or there’s the usual case of ill-preparedness. Whatever be the case, we have managed to compile a list of some mistakes that you should avoid while you’re looking for old car removal services in Parkville, Carlton or Docklands.

Acting too Late

oldcar12Look, your car is a specific make and model, with a certain year of manufacture. Yes, that’s a no-brainer, we know. But the point is, the older your car gets, the lesser its value. Let’s say you have 1992 model Nissan in your garage, which you no longer use. Acting in 2010 will fetch you more money than acting in 2013. So, if there is a junk car cramping up your property, muster some energy and get rid off it sooner rather than later. You will congratulate yourself on getting a great deal for your used vehicle. Trust us, acting too late is something you don’t want to do, unless you don’t care how much money you get out of the car. In which case, be our guest.

Not Comparing Deals

What kind of a shopper are you? The kind who just picks and chooses the first product he/she comes across or the kind who likes to know other products available in the same category before coming to an ‘informed’ decision? If you’re the latter, you know how important it is to compare offers before going with one. If you’re in the former category, better wise up now or you will be going through the rest of your life with products and services which may be inferior in nature, thanks to your lack of research. Apologies for coming down on you like a ton of bricks, but it is absolutely imperative to know what’s out there before rushing to sign the contract.

The same goes for letting an agency buy your car for cash. Make sure you speak to different company representatives and asking them how much they are offering before picking the best deals. Research is king, and you will find that it has major advantages. For instance, if you look around long enough, you might find a car wrecker, like the A1 Car Removals in Melbourne, who is willing to pay extra cash for your car’s model. Many car removal services ask for a certain make and model. So be patient and browse through different agencies before taking a call.

Not being honest

This is not really a mistake. It’s just a matter of a little thing known as ‘integrity’. In your conversation with a representative of the A1 Car Removals, he will ask you questions about your car. From make, model, year, damage taken, accidents etc. he will want to know everything there is to know about your used car in order to prepare a suitable quote. It is recommended that you be honest with every detail. In any case, officials from the towing company will be checking your car thoroughly. If they find something about the car which you haven’t mentioned, it can be quite an embarrassing situation indeed.

Not preparing for their arrival

Look, just because it’s your car and the A1 Car Removal company is coming to buy it from you doesn’t mean you sit comfortably in the couch. You need to prepare the car for a convenient transfer process. The car’s title and other ownership papers need to be ready. The car itself must be positioned in a way to make for smooth towing by the truck. Any belongings must be removed from the car.

If you keep these common errors in mind, there’s no reason why you can’t have a successful, profitable and hassle-free junk vehicle removal.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Old Melbourne Car ASAP

oldcar10There’s a reason why your local car dealer is urging you to sell of your junk car as soon as possible. Why do you think it’s so important to get rid of your old car? You might feel emotionally attached to it, which we understand, but you can’t hold on to it forever, can you? That is why it is best to sell it off to a good car removal company sooner rather than later. Give our experts a call today at A1 Car Removals in Melbourne, and see how easy it is.

Let’s discuss the ‘why’ of it in more detail, shall we?

Space Galore!

A car requires a healthy amount of space in any household. You’ll need a garage or something similar to keep it. But once a car is past its prime and can’t do the job well anymore, it’s just a waste of space. Go to your garage and look at your used car for a minute. Think of what all you can do with the extra space if your car wasn’t around anymore. Maybe you could build a workman’s shed. Or the kids could have an extra spot to play hide-and-seek. Or something else. Whatever be the case, you have to admit that the extra space definitely is one of the best results to come out of selling your old junk car for cash in Melbourne.

Your Car’s Value Is Going Down, Constantly

Even as you read this, your car’s worth is depreciating. Gradually, it will become dirt-cheap. While you can never sell your old car for a cash cow, you can still extract a good amount if you sell it at the right time, where the right time means ‘now’. It’s very simple: the sooner you sell it off, the better price you get. Minimize your losses by contacting a car remover in Hawthorn, St. Kilda, Brighton or wherever you happen to reside. Get the best price and invest it wherever you deem wise. Well, the last part is entirely up to you, but investing the money is a very pragmatic option, no?

Make Your Home Look Better

oldcar9Let’s face it: nobody likes to see an old run-down vehicle taking up the parking space. Friends sneer at it, guests glance at it with considerable distaste and you feel slightly embarrassed whenever somebody happens to be visiting. Not only that, but your house’s property rate is also lowered if you have a junk car besmirching the surroundings. So do yourself a favour and just bid adieu to your loyal, faithful steed. Melbourne has many car wreckers willing to pay cash for old cars. Find a good one and be done with it.

A Good Turn for the Environment

An old car isn’t the environment’s best friend. Yes, we all have read that somewhere in our Science textbooks in school, but here’s a kicker. Even a non-functioning car like yours may be damaging the environment. Vehicles have several fluids which can hamper the surroundings, such as the brake fluid. The rusty metal is also no friend to the environment and especially to children. Kids playing around it are prone to serious diseases if they cut themselves accidentally on the metal. So make it safer for the environment, and your kids, by contacting a free vehicle removal service as soon as you can.

Honestly, there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be thinking of selling your old car for cash at the earliest opportunity. So go ahead and take that plunge.

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