Car Removal Process

Don’t know how the whole cash for cars process works? Don’t worry, we got five easy steps for you to really nail it down.

Step One: Prepare your car.
Prepare for the departure of your car, by cleaning it out and taking out all the valuable objects and papers (including registration, mechanical history and so forth). Get your driver’s licence out and ready.

Step Two: Contact Us
Once you have cleaned out your car and ensured its in excellent condition, contact us! You can fill out our online enquiry or better yet, call us directly on 1300 308 443. We offer same day service, so reaching us directly is the way to go!

Step Three: Provide us with all the details.
We need it all. Tell us the model, make, year and condition of your car. We will then give you a price estimate of how much we will pay for it. With years of experience, we can pretty much nail it down. Then tell us your address and we will there as soon as possible!

Step Four: The exchange
Upon arriving, we conduct a last minute inspection of your car to suss out if there are any issues that might affect the estimate. Once that’s cleared up, provide us with your driver’s licence to confirm that transfer of the car.

Step Five: We take your car…you collect our money!
Once everything is done and dusted, we load up the car in our truck and take it away. And you take the money out of our hours. It’s really that simple.